• 粉塵除塵系統整改驗收要注意哪些要點?
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The six key points of the dust removal system should be well controlled in the completion review of the combustible dust removal system.
Dust cap
注重崗位除塵效力,這是工貿企業設置除塵系統的基本要求,因此要傾听員工對于整改前後的看法;查看吸塵罩的科學設計和合理設置,確認現場效果,如是否有粉塵揚出或粉屑濺出,是否按粉塵特性采用下吸或側吸方式設置吸塵罩,確認吸塵罩口風速是否≧ 1 m/s,必要時為擋異物,吸塵罩出風口應有格柵等。
Emphasis is placed on the effectiveness of post dedusting, which is the basic requirement for industrial and trade enterprises to set up dedusting systems, so it is necessary to listen to the views of employees before and after rectification; to check the scientific design and reasonable setting of vacuum hood, and to confirm the site effect, such as whether there is dust emission or dust splashing out, whether to adopt down or side suction according to dust characteristics. Vacuum hood, to confirm whether the wind speed of the hood is more than 1 m/s, if necessary, as a shield against foreign bodies, vacuum hood outlet should have grilles, etc.
Two. Wind pipe
確認風管為鍍鋅鋼板制作、圓形、強度不小于除塵器強度、管內風速和粉塵濃度符合標準要求的可靠性,確認風管內無粉塵沉降、管壁內積塵厚度< 1 mm,支風管(包括軟管)長度≦ 3 m。
It is confirmed that the duct is made of galvanized steel sheet, circular, and the strength is not less than the strength of the dust collector, the wind speed and dust concentration in the duct meet the reliability requirements of the standard. It is also confirmed that there is no dust deposition in the duct, the dust thickness in the duct wall is less than 1 m m, and the length of the branch duct (including the hose) is less than 3 m.
第一,對于車間(室內)主風管,要有符合要求的檢查清灰口;其法蘭連接螺栓< 5 顆的,應有靜電跨接;主風管的變徑及彎頭(包括支管與主管的連接彎頭)應符合空氣動力學的要求。
Firstly, for the main air duct in the workshop (indoor), there should be a qualified inspection clearance; if the flange connection bolt is less than 5, there should be an electrostatic spanning; the main air duct diameter and elbow (including branch pipe and main pipe connection elbow) should meet the requirements of aerodynamics.
第二,室外主風管道,進風管應≧ 90°轉向後方可進除塵器,並應在距除塵器4 m 處設置隔離閥和在除塵器進風管徑向處設置泄爆片(方向朝上為佳,毒性、腐蝕性、燃料粉塵不應采用),其泄爆面積≧風管截面積。
Secondly, in the outdoor main air duct, the inlet duct should be turned to the dust collector at or above 90 degrees, and the isolation valve should be set at 4 m from the dust collector and the explosion discharging sheet should be set at the radial part of the inlet duct of the dust collector.
Three. The fan
風機在竣工復審、驗收中要注意以下4 點︰
Fans should pay attention to the following 4 points in the review and acceptance of completion.
1. 選用防爆風機,且有單獨靜電接地設置。
1. selection of explosion-proof fan, and a separate electrostatic grounding.
2. 電機需選用符合IP54 以上防護等級的要求。
2. motor needs to meet the requirements above IP54 protection level.
3. 風機與除塵器出風管應采用軟連接,且有靜電跨接。
3. fan and dust collector air outlet pipe should adopt soft connection and have electrostatic cross over.
4. 風機出口處安裝消音設施,必要時風機應有隔聲措施。
4. install muffler facilities at the outlet of the fan. If necessary, the fan should have sound insulation measures.
Four. Exhaust cylinder
排氣筒在竣工復審、驗收中要注意以下3 點︰
The following 3 points should be noted in the review and acceptance of the exhaust gas.
1. 排氣筒一般不應低于15 m高,當建築物高≧ 14 m,則排氣筒應高出建築物2 m。
1. The exhaust pipe should not be less than 15 m in height. When the height of the building is more than 14 m, the exhaust pipe should be 2 m higher than the building.
2. 排氣筒要有一定抗風強度及雨帽,有符合標準要求的獨立避雷設施。
2. the exhaust cylinder must have certain wind resistant strength and rain cap, and have independent lightning protection facilities that meet the standard requirements.
3. 排氣筒要有便于取樣的環保檢測口。
3. the exhaust manifold should have an environmental inspection mouth for sampling.
Five. Climbing platform.
在登高梯台方面,主要注意以下3 點︰
In climbing the ladder, we should pay attention to the following 3 points:
1. 登高平台材質、強度,符合國家標準GB 4053-2009《固定式鋼梯及平台安全要求》。
1. The material and strength of the platform meet the national standard GB 4053-2009 "Safety Requirements for Fixed Steel Ladder and Platform".
2. 護欄高度≧ 1.05 m,護欄底部設有≧ 10 cm 擋板。
2. the height of the guardrail is more than 1.05 m, and the bottom of the fence is more than 10 cm baffle.
3. 鋼直梯材質、制作符合標準要求。
3. steel straight ladder material and production conform to the standard requirements.
Six. Warning signs for dangerous and harmful factors
The signs and signs for dangerous and harmful factors should be set up in a standard, eye-catching, clear, correct and complete manner.